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What Is A Furry?

The quickest answer is that furries are people who have a love for animals with human characteristics, also known as anthropomorphic animals. There isn’t one specific set of criteria that guarantees someone belongs to the furry fandom, and most furries have their own unique reasons for identifying as a part of the community.

Furry in its simplest form is a way for people to express themselves. Most furries have an animal character, known as a fursona, that represents them within the fandom. Fursonas can be any species, hybrids, or even mythical creatures, and are only limited by the imagination. A fursona is typically seen as a form of self-expression, and can give someone the courage to be who they want to be without the pressures or expectations of society.

Most furries will bring their fursona to life through artwork and other creative outlets. Custom made badges depicting an artistic representation of the fursona, either self-drawn or commissioned from an artist, are among the most common and are often used by community members to identify each other in-person and online. Some furries also make or commission complete costumes, known as fursuits, representing their fursona. There are more niche ways of expressing oneself in the fandom as well. Writers, dancers, photographers, and more often mix their love of furry with their selected art form.

At conventions like Bewhiskered, people from all walks of life come together to celebrate every aspect of furry. Writers, costume designers, and a range of artists can be found in the Dealers Dens or the Artist Alley to help you craft the next (or first) version of your fursona. Experts in their furry-centric fields host educational panels, or meetups for like-minded furries. Dancers can strut their stuff in or out of fursuit most nights, and may choose to compete in competitions. Most importantly, furry conventions provide a place for furries to meet their friends and make new ones.

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