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Dance Comps

Dr. Jekyl’s Dance Duels

You are invited to finish your weekend watching the duels of the century! Each contestant will go head to head with each other to see who is the last one standing! They will be brought to you live on the main stage on Sunday at 4pm. Dancer’s please be there are 3pm for check in and sign up early to claim a spot by filling out the form:

Mr. Hyde’s Dance Competition

You have been summoned to watch these dancers shoot their cuffs in the Main Events room! Each one of these mugs are dancing to prove their innocence or be taken to the bullpen! It’ll be on Saturday from 7pm-9pm. Dancers please arrive at 6pm to prepare! There will be a private try-out session held Friday, 5-6pm for those that wish to participate. Please fill out the form beforehand:

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